Free Your Patients
With Healthcare VR.

Transform your patient’s experience into a unique adventure. Above all, reduce pain and anxiety with the power of Healthcare VR. Discover what makes our Virtual Reality platform so simple and easy for you to champion throughout your facility.

Virtual Reality in Healthcare

A Vertically-Integrated Approach.

At Northpass, our mission is to provide quality products through in-depth research and analysis. Our team brings together multiple specialties that greatly improve the Healthcare VR experience. As a result, Healthcare providers receive a cutting-edge product, consistent content, and superior support – all in one place.

Science is on our Side.

Virtual Reality is clinically proven to help patients through difficult medical procedures. What we know is that Healthcare VR can significantly reduce the need for pain medication. In addition, it’s proven to be a reliable method to decrease anxiety and distract patients from the healthcare environment. Check out these key studies that offer direct insight into how Healthcare VR is transforming patient care – and the entire patient experience.

Virtual Reality in Healthcare
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